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Re: Do we really care how many floppies are in the base?

Bruce Perens writes ("Do we really care how many floppies are in the base?"):
> I have two base systems at the moment. One installs in 5 floppies, and contains
> all of the files in all of the packages contained in the base, and perl,
> and netstd, and ncurses-runtime. One installs in two floppies, and you then
> have to install the base packages afterward. The 5-floppy one sounds like it
> will be a lot easier to support (meaning there will be less answering questions
> about why dpkg is complaining and where is the documentation).

The questions about dpkg complaining can be made better by having the
system produce more helpful and informative error messages.

> I may have made an ill-considered decision when I built the 2-disk base.
> I'd like to hear opinion on which system we should be using for 0.93R6 .

When I told a local system administrator that you needed 5 disks + 1
blank to install Debian the expression on his face was very

I think that making both available is probably a good idea, but the
best thing would be if we could make the base disks installable by
some other means than floppy disks.  Hard disk partitions, CDROMs, NFS
and FTP would probably be enough.  If we did that we could leave the
2-disk set for esoteric use.


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