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Re: Do we really care how many floppies are in the base?

Bruce Perens <bruce@Pixar.com> said:

> I'm leaning toward including the smallest arrow-key-driven 
> insert-and-overtype, everyone-can-use-it-right-away-even-if-they-hate-it, 
> editor I can find.
> The main function for this is to edit your /etc/fstab, host tables, etc.
> Obviously, you install a _real_ editor as quickly as possible.

I've retrieved slightly more current sources for that tiny editor,
ae.  I'll try to get a debian package put together for it tonight,
so you can take a look.

It may still require a configuration file in the user's home directory,
and consider lack of this file fatal. If so, we'll probably want to
change this if we decide to use ae as our arrow-key-driven
everyone-can-use-it-right-away-even-if-they-hate-it tiny editor.

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