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Re: [imurdock@debian.org: Argh.]

Matthew Bailey writes:
>The code is not able to be remerged into the 4.6.XX package stream mainly 
>because H.J. Lu (I think) said that there was a total rewrite and this 
>would be a waste of time, Since the majority of people should be going to 
>ELF anyway. Which by the way does fix the problem.
>Is ELF a choice :)

No, it is not.  I compile the Linux versions of a Motif program for a
company that sells a Linux product, and they need an a.out product.
I'm sure that they will begin offering an ELF product as well, at
some point, but even when they offer ELF, they are not likely to
withdraw support for a.out immediately.

I find it real hard to believe that the specific security hole that
4.7.4 fixes can't also be fixed in 4.6.xx.


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