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Re: [imurdock@debian.org: Argh.]

On Mon, 4 Sep 1995, Michael K. Johnson wrote:

> Ian Murdock writes:
> >Well, it appears there is a serious problem with libc 4.6.27 and
> >earlier.  Should we upgrade to libc 4.7.4 at this late date?  Has
> >anyone used this version?  If so, what have been your experiences?
> I need to compile motif apps, and so do many others.  4.7.x versions
> don't allow that.  Therefore, the fixes should be applied to 4.6.27 if
> possible.  Debian could release, I suppose, or 4.6.28.  But
> just using 4.7.x is not a good idea since you can't compile Motif
> apps with it.
The code is not able to be remerged into the 4.6.XX package stream mainly 
because H.J. Lu (I think) said that there was a total rewrite and this 
would be a waste of time, Since the majority of people should be going to 
ELF anyway. Which by the way does fix the problem.

Is ELF a choice :)


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