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Re: mailto from Netscape fail

Bruce Perens writes on debian-user:
> I suspect that netscape is trying to connect to the SMTP socket, and
> nothing's listening.
> I'd suggest you remove sendmail and install smail. I think we need
> to make it even more clear that almost every user should run smail,
> and sendmail is only for people who intend to edit the sendmail.cf 
> to do some very special mail handling.

Quite.  We keep getting queries from people who've installed Sendmail
and then can't figure out how to do something that the Smail package
does automatically.

The problem won't occur for those using dselect, as the package
descriptions are pretty clear.

How about a `sendmail.README' file in the same directory as the .deb
file on ftp.debian.org ?


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