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Bug#1290: dpkg 0.93-70 leaves catman confusion

Bill Mitchell writes ("Bug#1290: dpkg 0.93-70 leaves catman confusion"):
> Currently, the cpio package and mt-st package both provide
> /usr/bin/mt and /usr/man/man1/mt.1.  Also, they don't currently
> declare a conflict with one another.  I noted confusion after the
> following command sequence:
>     dpkg --install cpio.deb
>     man mt
>     dpkg --install mt-st.deb
>     man mt
> I was shown the mt man page from cpio, not the one from mt-st which I
> had expected
> The mt man page from cpio was still present in /var/catman/cat1/mt.1.gz.
> That's what I was seeing, even though /usr/man/man1 contained mt.1
> istalled from the mt-st package.
> I note that the last-modified time of /usr/catman/cat1/mt.1.gz is
> the time it was installed, while the last modified time of
> /usr/man/man1/mt.1 is apparently the last-modified time of
> that file as installed from the package.
> I tried touching /usr/man/man1/mt.1, and then saying "man dpkg",
> but that didn't get the catman file rebuilt.
> Two possible solutions:
> 1.  dpkg cleans up /var/catman when removing packages.
> 2.  dpkg touches /usr/man files from packages when installing them
>     and man rebuilds /var/catman files if they're outdated relative
>     to the corresponding /usr/man files.
> I favor solution 1, but believe that the man(1) program should also
> implement its part of solution 2.

This is a bug in the man program.  It should be written to cope with
source manpages being modified, and automatically regenerate the cat

A possible solution involving `utime' comes to mind.


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