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Bug#1285: bad filenames in debain/ms-dos tree

PACKAGE: ftp.debian.org

Some filenames in the ms-dos tree cause problems if pc-nfs is
used under MSDOS to copy the files using these names from an
nfs-mounted unix filesystem to a local MSDOS filesystem.

devel/tclX.deb       gives a file named    tclx~~ni.deb
devel/xxgdbR6.deb    gives a file named    xxgdb~oi.deb
graphics/tgifR6.deb  gives a file named    tgifr~qi.deb
the electronics/ directory appears as      elect~mi

I've used several methods of moving files between MSDOS and unix,
and I've not yet had problems if the filenames followed these rules:

    1.  No more than 8 chars in names, nor 3 chars in extensions.
    2.  No chars other than lower-case alpha, numeric, '-', '_'.

I suggest that we constrain our ms-dos tree directory and file names
to follow these conventions.

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