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Re: changes file generator

On Sun, 27 Aug 1995, Bruce Perens wrote:

> Well, since I haven't made a changes file generator (I did it manually)
> does anyone want to produce a product-ized one with a man page and package it?
> It should drive the editor (chosen from the $EDITOR variable if one is present)
> and should sign the file using PGP if PGP is installed.
> It looks as if there's no reason to duplicate the "Section: " field from the
> package, since the destination on the "File: " line does a better job anyway.
> It might be neater in Perl, but it looks as if something based on Bill's
> bash hack-in-progress will do fine.

I've cleaned up my hack-in-progress so I'm not quite so ashamed
to let it be seen, and can upload it if desired.  Currently, it
puts Section info in from the package, per Bruce's announcement
format posting, and it does not (yet?) use pgp.

It also is set up for my situation and working style.  It builds
packages chosen from an internal list (I have several packages,
and edit the script to choose packages before running it), and
expects the body of the changes file to be previously prepared
rather than dropping into an editor (better suited for building
multiple packages in batch mode -- I tend to work on multiple
packages, then rebuild them all in a batch for uploading).

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