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Re: closure on the changes file format?

On Sat, 26 Aug 1995, Bruce Perens wrote:

> The format of the changes file would be:
> [...]
> The "Version" and "Section" fields are redundant with those in the
> package. Should we use the ones in the package instead?

I'm always wary about having two different sources of info which
need to be kept in sync.  It'd be better to upload the announcement
sans version and section info with the package, and have scripts
on the ftp site verify the md5sums, syntax-check the announcement,
move the package files into the distribution tree, and send the
announcement from there with merged-in version and section info.

Aside from wariness, though, it doesn't make much difference to
me.  If it's to be done by individual maintainers before uploading,
I'll have my distribution build script grab the info out of the
control file and put it in the announcement file.

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