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Re: A "hard line" on users placing files on debian's "turf"?

James D. Freels:
   > > But won't it be best to install such things under the /usr/local tree?

The distinction between /usr/local/* and /usr in general is this:

/usr/local takes precedence over anything present in a debian
distribution.  Executables in /usr/local/bin are executed instead of
executables in /usr/bin of the same naem.  The installation or removal
of debian packages will never change the contents of /usr/local.

The rest of /usr, however, is subject to change at package
installation/removal time.  Software installed here will be
automatically upgraded when a suitable debian package is installed.

In other words, when non-debian software is installed, the person
doing the installing needs to consider what should happen with this
software at upgrade time.  Probably, local software should be
installed in /usr/local, and when the system is upgraded the software
should be removed manually.  However, this won't always be the case.


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