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Bug#1282: minicom copyright

Hallo David H. Silber!

}I have a copy of minicom in /usr/bin and the copyright notice.  I think I
}installed it and then removed it but some stuff got left behind?
}Anyway the real problem could be the minicom copyright, which starts:
}  [Maintainer's note: I could not find any copyright or distribution rights
}   information anywhere in the source code to Minicom 1.6.  With that in mind,
}   I would imagine that Minicom is freeware (whatever that means) but please
}   give any credit for this fine program to the author.  If you would like
}   specific licensing information you can contact the author at one of the
}   addresses below.]
}This worries me.  Do we even have permission to copy the program or provide
}to others?

Isn't it possible to find find the author and ask him? I can't believe
that this should be too difficult.



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