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Building postgres requires bmake. Should it be a seperate package?

Hi again folks,

Postgres requires bmake ( Berkeley make ) to understand its Makefiles.   
It comes with the source to bmake and a way of bootstaping from a  
standard makefile. I can do one of three things;

In the source package

1) have it build bmake first, install it in the source tree.

2) have it build bmake first, install bmake in /usr/bin, and the bmake  
library files in /usr/lib/mk/


3) package bmake separately .  However I can't seem to find it separated  
from postgres.

I think that 2) is the preferred approach because some of the prog's  
that are contributed with postgres want bmake.  It has the drawback of  
installing a pice of software that is logically distinct from the  
advertised package.

Any preferences out there?

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