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Bug#1232: Tin recommends C-News | INN

Package: tin
Version: 1.22-4

(This message was, I think, lost the first time around.  If this is
the second copy you see let me know ASAP at iwj10@thor.cam.ac.uk, as
it means that some other message was lost.)

The Tin package has a `Recommended' line which lists `cnews | inn'.

Is Tin not NNTP-capable ?  If not it should probably be reclassified
as Optional.  If it is it should not list either news transport.

If it posts using `inews' rather than NNTP it should list `inews'
rather than naming all the news transports (ie, use a virtual

Should newsreaders use inews (and which can therefore read without
inews but need it for posting) list it as Recommended or Optional ?
The former, I think.


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