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Re: Bug#1273: less help file is a configuration file?

dhs@firefly.com, debian-bugs@pixar.com said:

> Package: less
> Version: 232-2
> I notice that /usr/lib/less.hlp is listed as a configuration file.
> What gives?
> This file contains help text.

I'm marking this bug report done.

The latest package (version 290-3) doesn't declare less.hlp as a

I don't recall the reasoning behind my having done this with earlier
package versions, or why I stopped. I was probably thinking that if
the installer decided to translate the help text onto Albanian or
to otherwise modify it, he'd probably prefer the conffile handling
on upgrade to our silently overwriting his changes.

Is there any strong feeling or group consensus one way or the other
about how this should be handled for programs with help text in separate
files?  Declare those files conffiles, as a general rule, or not?

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