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Re: Opinion...

mbailey@cps.cmich.edu said:
>  I can turn off downloads from the Incoming directory.

I'd prefer you didn't. While I was bitten by this once (I download dpkg while
it was still being uploaded), I think it makes the distribute-test-submit-bugs
loop take a bit less time.

I can think of a way to hack wu-ftpd to fix this, which perhaps should be
suggested to the wu-ftpd maintainers. While files are being uploaded, they
should have the name .upl.<real-name> . The FTP daemon should rename them when
the upload is complete. When the system reboots, it can scan for .upl.* and
remove the ones it finds, as these would all be incomplete uploads.

Another possibility would be for uploaders to perform the above algorithm by
hand. This is difficult in the case of uploads that may take hours to complete.


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