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Re: R6 boot/root disc

Ger.Timmens@cv.ruu.nl said:
> With the new R6 boot/root disc I got the following problem:

> My Pro Audio Studio card is recognized as SCSI adapter card and my 
> Adaptec 1542B isn't seen at all.

> Any solutions? 

What SCSI driver does the system think it is, an Adaptec 1542?

Please experiment with using the following items on the boot command line:


Where 0xXXXX is the base address of the sound card, or try 0xXXXX-0xXXXX for
an address range.
This reserves an address range for manual configuration. Use it to _exclude_
your sound card, and maybe the AHA1542 will then work without manual
configuration. Here are the manual configurations for AHA1542.


 * LILO params:  aha1542=<PORTBASE>[,<BUSON>,<BUSOFF>[,<DMASPEED>]]
 * Where:  <PORTBASE> is any of the valid AHA addresses:
 *                      0x130, 0x134, 0x230, 0x234, 0x330, 0x334
 *         <BUSON>  is the time (in microsecs) that AHA spends on the AT-bus
 *                  when transferring data.  1542A power-on default is 11us,
 *                  valid values are in range: 2..15 (decimal)
 *         <BUSOFF> is the time that AHA spends OFF THE BUS after while
 *                  it is transferring data (not to monopolize the bus).
 *                  Power-on default is 4us, valid range: 1..64 microseconds.
 *         <DMASPEED> Default is jumper selected (1542A: on the J1),
 *                  but experimenter can alter it with this.
 *                  Valid values: 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 (MB/s)
 *                  Factory default is 5 MB/s.

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