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Re: Backup package and dpkg (was Re: dpkg-disappear-replace.txt)

On Wed, 16 Aug 1995 rdm@tad.micro.umn.edu wrote:

> Bill Mitchell:
>        dpkg --install textutils.deb
>        dpkg --install --force-conflicts elv-fmt.deb
>        dpkg --install textutils.deb
> etc.
> Um... sorry for being dense -- I don't have access to any linux
> systems at the moment -- what files does this leave in an ambiguous
> state?  And, why?
> In particular, are we talking about conffiles or other stuff?

I'll summarize past discussion on this.

textutils provides /usr/bin/fmt.  It is (or was?) somewhat broken.
elv-fmt provides a less broken version.  On this particular example,
the thread went something like:  "solution:  fix the textutils version",
"but what to do while we're waiting for the upstream maintainer to
get it fixed?".

The reason behind a file from one package being overwritten by that
same file from another package is immaterial.  The point is that
it can happen.

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