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Bug#1234: No 8 bit support in ispell.deb

> ispell.  Expect the default language to be British English :)

I expect that would make certain people on the list happy. :)

You might consider taking advantage of virtual packages and not having
a default language.  You could have ispell depend on a package
providing an "ispell-dictionary" or somethig. One could then make
ienglish, ifrench, etc., as providing "ispell-dictionary," and having
postinst links that setup links similar to:

	/etc/ispell/default.hash -> /usr/lib/ispell/xyz.hash
	/etc/ispell/default.aff -> /usr/lib/ispell/xyz.aff

Where xyz is a dictionary.  I don't know how easy it is to make ispell
look in different areas, but if it is hard then there could be
default.hash and default.aff links in /usr/lib/ispell pointing to the
links in etc (so people can change the default if they have CDROMs or
read-only /usr partitions on their disks).  Gee, I'm just full of
useful ideas now that somebody has taken it up... "-)

> I shall look for the source package and start from there, or do you
> have anything which I may find useful?

Hmm, I think the source code is still the most up to date ispell, but
you could check prep.ai.mit.edu or another GNU mirror to see if they
have updated it.

Thank you very much for taking up these packages!


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