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Re: Bug#1208: dpkg IOT

Raul Miller writes ("Bug#1208: dpkg IOT"):
> So, I copied the new file over top the original, editted it to taste,
> then restarted dpkg (fg).  dpkg responded by repeating the prompt,
> then terminated with: IOT trap/Abort.
> I don't think it was supposed to do this.

I've found what I think is the problem.  If you just hit `return' on
the conffiles prompt (to get the default) it dies.  I've fixed this in
0.93.68, which will be out tomorrow (it's a bit big for my modem).  In
the meantime, don't just hit return - type `n' or `y' as appropriate.

If this does not seem to be the same problem as you're having please
let me know ASAP.

(PS: 0.93.67 has better handling of internal errors - you get a
cryptic text string and a file and line number, rather than just `IOT
Trap/Abort' which often needs a coredump to diagnose.)


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