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Bug#1208: dpkg IOT

Raul Miller writes ("Bug#1208: dpkg IOT"):
> When installing sysvinit, I got a prompt about how /etc/init.d/boot
> had been editted changed, and what did I want to do about it.  Since I
> hadn't editted this file, I backgrounded dpkg (Z option) and took a
> look.  The change was that my system clock wasn't GMT (no -u option to
> clock or somesuch).  Also, there were several lines in the new boot
> file about a compat script.
> So, I copied the new file over top the original, editted it to taste,
> then restarted dpkg (fg).  dpkg responded by repeating the prompt,
> then terminated with: IOT trap/Abort.
> I don't think it was supposed to do this.

No, it wasn't.  I shall look into it.  In the meantime, can you send
me the session transcript and coredump[*], please ?

It's supposed to repeat the prompt (to remind you what's going on),
but it's clearly not supposed to abort.

[*] The release notes tell you to turn coredumps on :-).

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