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Please report bugs ! (was Re: Bug#1033)

Anders Chrigstrom writes ("Bug#1033"):
> On Fri, 4 Aug 1995, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > The following two bugs are sendmail bugs which were errnoneously
> > reported against dpkg.  Could the Sendmail maintainer please
> > investigate them ?
> >   413 dpkg       dpkg 0.93.23 hangs when unpacking s Raul Miller <rdr@merit.edu
> Possibly fixed, i can't check it right now since the latest dpkg 
> segfaults on me. 

*What* ?!

You've got dpkg segfaulting and you haven't sent me a bug report or
anything ?!

Please send me, straight away:
 (a) a session transcript showing the problem;
 (b) the coredump (remember to turn coredumps on if they aren't
     already - in bash that's `ulimit -c unlimited'), and gzip it if
     it's more than a few hundred K.  If it's more than 3Mb gzipped
     mail me in advance so I can make special arrangements;
 (c) -D1777 output if it's not too large (several hundred K is fine).
     Ie, exercise the bug giving dpkg the -D17777 flag in addition to
     the other flags.  If this is too much, try -D477 or -D77.
 (d) the version number of dpkg you're using (`dpkg --version');
 (e) the MD5 checksum of /usr/bin/dpkg (type `md5sum /usr/bin/dpkg');
 (f) the package names, version numbers and MD5 checksums of all the
     *.deb files you use to reproduce the bug.  `dpkg-deb -I foo.deb'
     will tell you the info about foo.deb (I tell you this in case you
     downloaded from the MSDOS tree and don't have the version encoded
     in the filename).


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