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Re: dpkg-0.93.66 dselect problems.

On Fri, 4 Aug 1995, Ian Jackson wrote:

> Bill Mitchell writes ("dpkg-0.93.66 dselect problems."):
> > Apparently, there have been some changes [...]
> Please read the release notes or Changelog entry for 0.93.64.

OK.  I've read that Changelog entry.  Up until now, I've been 
installing dpkg .deb files without downloading the source package 
with the Changelog file.  I'm not sure where I might find the 
release notes.

I see the following in the Changelog entry for dpkg-0.93.64:

  * dselect `update' option changed to `install' (and other options
    renamed too).  NB: old access methods will not work, because
    the `update' script should now be an `install' script.

  * dselect `installation methods' renamed to `access methods'.

I guess I've lost track.  I thought I had used dselect with the
0.93.64 (or .65?) version.  Guess not.

At any rate, does the above mean that dselect will be broken until
the methods scripts are updated for dpkg compatability?  Is there
something I can/should do to make the old methods scripts usable?
I tried renaming 'update' to 'install' and to 'access', but that
didn't work.

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