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Bug#1199: postinst needs perl, but no perl dependency listed

> In article <m0seLBe-000018C@plato.simons-rock.edu> "James A. Robinson" <jimr@
simons-rock.edu> writes:
> >
> > Are you running the dpkg base?
> What is "the dpkg base" ? I assume this means all packages which have
> "class: base" set in the control data.

Did you boot off the bootdisk and rootdisk and install base1, base2,
and base3 from floppy?  That is what the base is.  You have to do this
at least once for a "real" Debian base system.

> I think we always could assume that all "class: base" packages are
> available, therefore an extra virtual package is not necessary. The
> problem is that perl isn't in base (unless I didn't understand
> something). So either add perl to base or make clear that an explicit
> dependency in packages that need perl is required.

If you did the above, perl should be in /bin/perl.  If not, yes you
need to install perl.  And I was trying to address that point. :)

Actually, now that I look at addftpuser again, I see what may be a
bug.  Peter, should it be calling /bin/perl instead of /usr/bin/perl?
I realize I'm also calling /usr/bin/perl in my scripts, and I can't
remember if there is a link put there by the base system...


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