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Re: Bug#1199: postinst needs perl, but no perl dependency listed

James A. Robinson wrote:
> Actually, now that I look at addftpuser again, I see what may be a
> bug.  Peter, should it be calling /bin/perl instead of /usr/bin/perl?
> I realize I'm also calling /usr/bin/perl in my scripts, and I can't
> remember if there is a link put there by the base system...

I just looked at a few other perl scripts and they're also using
/usr/bin/perl (e.g. start-stop-daemon, smailconfig etc.). I think
/usr/bin/perl is ok for all packages which are not necessary while /usr
is not mounted.

And if I remember correctly we had similar discussion months ago and
the result was that perl should be part of the base system (that
means no additional "DEPENDS: perl" lines).


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