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Bug#1199: postinst needs perl, but no perl dependency listed

In article <m0seLBe-000018C@plato.simons-rock.edu> "James A. Robinson" <jimr@simons-rock.edu> writes:

> > Description:
> > When I install wu-ftpd while perl isn't installed, the postinst script
> > fails. The postinst script calls the perl script /usr/sbin/addftpuser.
> >
> > Suggested fix:
> > perl should be listed in the DEPENDS: line in the debian.control file.
> Are you running the dpkg base?

What is "the dpkg base" ? I assume this means all packages which have
"class: base" set in the control data.

> If you are, perl should be there in
> /bin/perl.  If you are not, then this does bring back the old problem
> of "Wouldn't it be nice to support others." Debian-Devel people, would
> a solution to the problem be a dependency on either perl or a virtual
> "base" package?

Sorry, I didn't know this old problem.

I think we always could assume that all "class: base" packages are
available, therefore an extra virtual package is not necessary. The
problem is that perl isn't in base (unless I didn't understand
something). So either add perl to base or make clear that an explicit
dependency in packages that need perl is required.

Sven Rudolph (sr1@inf.tu-dresden.de); WWW : http://www.sax.de/~sr1/

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