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Downloading stuff from project/Incoming

I've now had two reports from people telling me that they couldn't
install dpkg 0.93.65.  In one case I didn't even get a complete
session transcript.

I strongly suspect that both people simply downloaded the file from
Incoming while it was still being uploaded by my crontab.

Similar things have happened before when the network has been a bit

Please, is it too much to ask that before attempting to install a file
you got from Incoming you check at least the file sizes and preferably
the MD5 checksums against the release announcement ?

If you do this and find that they match you should say so, so that I
know that you are having problems with the same file that I announced.
I can then investigate, rather than writing messages like this one !

If all this is too difficult, just wait until the files get moved to
project/ALPHA, which will only happen after the upload is complete.

The 0.93.65 files were moved to project/ALPHA earlier this afternoon,
Wednesday (UK time).


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