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Re: Bug#1182: netbase /etc/inetd.conf is an auto-handled conffile

> Package: netbase
> Version: 1.12-1
> Could the `/etc/inetd.conf' file please be dealt with by the
> postrm/postinst scripts, rather than being distributed with the
> package and listed in conffiles ?

The bug was already reported by Raul Miller (Bug#907). Anyway, I've
written a perl module which provides three different functions:

1.  add_service($newentry, $group)
2.  enable_service($service)      /* called by add_service */
3.  disable_service($service)

The netbase postinst script will create a base inetd.conf file if that
file does not exist. I have added a few labels to that base inetd.conf
file, e.g. STANDARD, BSD, MAIL, INFO, BOOT, RPC and OTHER. If you want
to add an entry you can specify the location (group) where it should
appear. This has the advantage that such a file with sorted entries
looks much better. If a package (e.g. smail) wants to add entries to
inetd.conf it only needs the following lines in the postinst script:

require DebianNet;

DebianNet::add_service($newentry, "MAIL");

and to remove that entry ...

require DebianNet;


If you reinstall that package the add_service function will only
re-enable that service. If the service was disabled by the user the
DebianNet function won't touch it.

> Furthermore, I note that you've added a commented-out SMTP line to the
> inetd.conf.  This has caused Smail to fail to reinstall itself in its
> postinst on my system, because it puts a comment in the file saying
> `(will be restored by smail postinst)' which your new version of the
> file removed.  I suppose I shall have to find a better way of doing
> this, but I wasn't expecting to have the inetd.conf modified under the
> user's feet.

I've just removed that entry (and the nntp, uucp, comsat, cfingerd and
kerberos entries). Packages that need such an entry should add them.

BTW: Where should the netbase package install the DebianNet module
(/usr/lib/perl5 ?).

Please test the module if possible (the test version uses /tmp/inetd.conf
by default). Please send bug reports, flames and comments to

You can find the module at ftp.debian.org in the Incoming directory


 Peter Tobias                                EMail:
 Fachhochschule Ostfriesland                 tobias@et-inf.fho-emden.de
 Fachbereich Elektrotechnik und Informatik   tobias@perseus.fho-emden.de
 Constantiaplatz 4, 26723 Emden, Germany

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