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Re: Bug#1180: `indent' postrm missing --quiet on install-info

I've marked this closed.

204e83f4a9b4c42b7adad2aad48ec65b  indent-1.9.1-11.tar.gz
4de03ca884281bc7552245b047cd5b86  indent-1.9.1-11.diff.gz
c571235edfbbd9fb426339f6c55a704d  indent-1.9.1-11.deb

Wed Aug 2 19:15:21 PDT 1995; Bill Mitchell <mitchell@mdd.comm.mot.com>

    * /indent-1.9.1-11

    Changes for the debian indent-1.9.1-11 binary distribution
    1.  Cleaned up trash from head of debian.rules
    2.  Added --quiet to install-info invocation in postrm.

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