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Re: RFD: new optional field for 'control'

jdassen@WI.LeidenUniv.NL said:
> (experimental pages are accessable at http://www.debian.org/FTP/)

If you haven't looked at this yet, check it out! Ray's done a great job.
I especially like the hyperlinks for the Required:, Recommended:, and
Conflicts: fields.

My proposal regarding the "HTML-Description" field is for this to be an 
field in the control file, which duplicates the function of the "Description"
field, but its contents are written in HTML. The contents are expanded within
the body of an HTML page by an automatic index creator. If the index creator 
sees an "HTML-Description" field, it uses that _instead_of_ the regular
Description field. The package is still required to provide the
"Description" field.

The HTML-description may contain hyperlinks to _absolute_ URLs.



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