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Bug#1198: dpkg silently fails to install a file

I am using dpkg version 65 which I built from source, but this problem existed
in version 63 as well. To demonstrate, retrieve the files from
ftp.pixar.com:/pub/bruce/dpkg-problem . These include a sysvinit package and
a debugging log from my installation made with -D01777. The package contains
/etc/init.d/halt. I have removed /etc/init.d/halt from the system before
installing the package. Dpkg creates /etc/init.d/halt.dpkg-new and then
removes it without prompting me, and at the end of the run there is no
/etc/init.d/halt .

It also fails to replace a zero-length /etc/init.d/halt , if I create one.
It doesn't prompt me about replacing it as it should, it just fails.

The sysvinit package doesn't contain a preinst or postinst script.


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