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Re: Please try this

Bruce Perens writes ("Please try this"):
> The following is a replacement for /etc/init.d/rc with one added feature.
> If the previous run-level has the exact same start and kill scripts for a
> particular feature as the present run level, those scripts are _not_ run,
> becuse there would be no change.

This should not be necessary.

The latest (dpkg and later) update-rc.d will not create K
links and S links in the same directories.  Since the scripts when
invoked as `start' should do nothing when the service is already
running runlevel changes should not disturb unaffected services.

I have arranged for things to be this way on my system and it works

Unfortunately if you installed your system before dpkg you
will still have these links, as they are configuration data which the
system won't change under your feet.

My advice would be to go to /etc/rc[2345].d and delete unnecessary K

There may be good reasons for wanting to shut down and restart a
service on a runlevel change - perhaps another service needs to be
running first for it to find it, for example.


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