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Re: Suggestions for http://www.debian.org/ home page

> 1. When viewing the page in `lynx' the space before each hyperlink is
> highlighted too.  This is due to having the <A href="..."> tag on the
> previous line.  This may make it look nicer in the source, but the
> whitespace is significant.

This has been changed now.

> 2. It would be good to be able to jump straight from the home page to
> some or all of the sub-pages of each section.  For example, the
> various bug index and information pages could be available directly,
> as well as the indices for each mailing list archive, the headings for
> each FAQ list.

The result would be more like the Linux Documentation Project homepage,
which IMHO is overcrowded.  

> When you say
>   * Documentation (FAQ, Manuals, Books, ...)
> it would be good if as well as Documentation being a link to the
> documentation page, FAQ were a link to the FAQ, Books a link to the
> books, &c.

The "FAQ" has been linked now. Since we have several books and manuals,
I think it is better not to link these.

> 3. When viewing the page in `Netscape' I see loads of icons that seem
> to me to take up more screen area than I like.  Perhaps this is a
> personal thing, but I find that though they look less `flashy'
> ordinary <UL> lists (nested if necessary) are easier on the eye.
> More restrained use of graphics - and less `cartoonish' ones - tends
> to make a better impression on me anyway.

I've taken over this page from the version prepared by Ian M. and
(Mike Dickey or Matt Bailey). Though for personal use, I prefer
"dull" or "straight" pages concentrating on the text, 
I think it is important to have a "Welcome" page which is visually

> 4. There is a large picture of something which I assume is supposed to
> be a gnu.  It is cute, but inappropriate, I think.  In any case it is
> too large.

A baby GNU actually. Too large as a picture, or too much data?

> We need a logo, but I don't think that's it.

I've fallen in love with this logo, but "de gustibus non disputandum est".

> 5. There should be links to the Linux Documentation Project home page
> and to various general Linux, Unix and PC hardware FAQs.

The LDP home page is already present (http://www.debian.org/Documentation/),
and provides for the general Linux documentation.

As for the Unix FAQs, I don't have any objection to add them, but
I'd prefer if someone can give me a nice, short sentence
explaining that some documentation is more appropriate than other, 
and explaining the hierarchy of appropriateness first.

As for the Hardware FAQs, please indicate which you want to see

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