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Suggestions for http://www.debian.org/ home page

In no particular order:

1. When viewing the page in `lynx' the space before each hyperlink is
highlighted too.  This is due to having the <A href="..."> tag on the
previous line.  This may make it look nicer in the source, but the
whitespace is significant.

2. It would be good to be able to jump straight from the home page to
some or all of the sub-pages of each section.  For example, the
various bug index and information pages could be available directly,
as well as the indices for each mailing list archive, the headings for
each FAQ list.

When you say
  * Documentation (FAQ, Manuals, Books, ...)
it would be good if as well as Documentation being a link to the
documentation page, FAQ were a link to the FAQ, Books a link to the
books, &c.

3. When viewing the page in `Netscape' I see loads of icons that seem
to me to take up more screen area than I like.  Perhaps this is a
personal thing, but I find that though they look less `flashy'
ordinary <UL> lists (nested if necessary) are easier on the eye.

More restrained use of graphics - and less `cartoonish' ones - tends
to make a better impression on me anyway.

4. There is a large picture of something which I assume is supposed to
be a gnu.  It is cute, but inappropriate, I think.  In any case it is
too large.

We need a logo, but I don't think that's it.

5. There should be links to the Linux Documentation Project home page
and to various general Linux, Unix and PC hardware FAQs.


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