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Re: investigation of SYSLINUX booting problems

SYSLINUX can handle command-line arguments in a similar way to LILO.
It has the "append" command like LILO, so you can give it default
text to put on the command line.

However, SYSLINUX is meant for bootstrapping only. It's not meant to
replace the way you use LILO on your hard disk. It's explicitly
designed to give an MS-DOS user a way of creating a Linux bootstrap
floppy. It requires MS-DOS to run SYSLINUX.EXE to create a boot block.
You can then put that boot block on another MS-DOS filesystem using the
raw disk interface under Linux. SYSLINUX requires an MS-DOS FAT
filesystem on the disk from which it loads the kernel.

Which one gets used to create a boot floppy depends on other issues, the
most important one of which is whether we're trying to cram the root
filesystem on the same disk as the kernel.



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