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Re: investigation of SYSLINUX booting problems

Bill Mitchell writes:
>> Also, SYSLINUX uses an msdos
>> diskette, so users can change the kernel image on the diskette before
>> they even install Linux.  With LILO, this is not possible.
>But LILO diskettes can have several alternate (yes, "alternate"; in
>the sense of "substitute") kernal images.  Perhaps three might fit 
>on a single boot diskette, with a boot-time message explaining how to
>choose between them.

Is this a troll?

My dictionary[1] lists a number of meanings for ``alternate'' as an
adjective.  Only one of them - which is specifically marked as ``US''
- has anything to do with substitutes:

	9.  U.S. a person who substitutes for another; stand-in

That's quite different from ``alternative'' which (again in my
dictionary) doesn't imply substitution but choice.  And in this case,
choice, rather than substitution, is what's going on.


[1] Collins Concise

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