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Installation of Info files & other documentation

Two issues:


When installing Info documentation it is (sometimes) necessary to
update the `dir' file in /usr/info.

This is arguably a Bad Thing, however we'll have to put up with it.

The question is, how do we modify/write the `install' target of the
Makefile to do this correctly ?

The make-3.70 Makefile.in appears to use a program called
`install-info'.  If it exists it runs it; if not it silently fails to
install the Info documentation.

The m4-1.1 Makefile.in just uses cp or install - this is no good as it
doesn't update the directory.

I can't find `install-info' on my Debian 0.91 system, and have never
heard of it before.  Does anyone know what it is ?

How is this problem to be solved in Debian ?


The packaging guidelines suggest not bundling `large text or
PostScript' documentation with the package.  Or rather, they ask you
not to simply drop it in /usr/doc.

Firstly, I'd just like to comment that I think it's dangerous to allow
users to install things without the documentation.  Before we know it
they'll be asking us how to do something and when we tell them to RTFM
they'll say `but I don't have the FM'.

Supposing that we do sometimes distribute documentation separately,
the question arises as to how large something has to be before we do
so ?  When the documentation size reaches some fixed amount ?  When it
exceeds the runtime size ?  At our discretion (in which case it
depends very much on the individual package maintainer's disposition,
and vary widely from one package to another) ?

The packaging guidelines are unclear as to what to do if you do decide
to distribute it separately.  IMO the sensible thing to do is to
create another Debian package with the documentation, which installs
things in /usr/doc, /usr/info or wherever.

Then you will probably end up with a single source tarfile with two
corresponding `binary' packages - do we handle this with two `install'
targets in the Makefile, one target and split it later, something
else, or make it up as we see fit ?

Also, restricting separate distribution to text or PostScript
documentation seems odd.


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