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Re: package naming for working directories, tarfiles and diff files

mdickey@thorplus.lib.purdue.edu commented:

> [...]
> After quite a bit of thought (and trying to get my brain to understand
> exactly what you meant) I think this may not be such a bad idea in
> theory.  I personally like this structure; it's clean, very descriptive,
> and clearly marks Debian-specific packages.  Well, it's clean and very
> descriptive _because_ it clearly marks Debian-specific packages.

Sorry if I didn't make myself clear.  I think you've got it, though.
Let me try the description another way:

After "tar xvf package.tar" from the original pre-debian tarfile:

         /[...]/working-directory (package.tar is here)
         /[...]/working-directory/package (the package files extract to here)

Rather than copy the package files in working-directory/package into
working-directory/package.orig (to do the diffs later), and do the
debian-specific work in working-directory/package, I'm suggesting
that the original un-debianized files be left in working-directory/package
and that debian-specific work be done in working-directory/package.debian.

When the debian package is tar'd, the tarfile would be named package.debian.tar.
package.debian.tar would extract into package.debain, and would contain
a debianized version of package.  This contrasts with the guideline situation
(as I read the guidelines), where both the original and debianized tarfiles are
named package.tar, and both of them extract into a directory named "package".

>..and that this is the package that would actually go into the
>distribution - the one that Debian users see.

No.  Into the debian source distributions.  The one that anyone working
with source code for debain packages would see.

>[...]     you mentioned renaming the original package package.orig.
> Then there would be a 'package/' 'package.orig' and 'package.debian'
> directory.  Did I understand this correctly?

No. The package.orig directory came out of my reading of the existing
source packaging guidelines.  I hope i've ceeared this up above.

> >Also I think it would be worthwhile to make the tarfile from the parent
> >directory with the command "tar cvf package.debian.diff package.debian".
> >That is, include the diff file in the tarfile.  This isn't covered one
> >way or the other in the packaging guidelines I've seen.
> But we should append '.tar' onto the tarfile, though, right?

Right.  Sorry.  "tar cvf package.tar package.debian.diff package.debian"

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