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Re: Changes to source guidelines

James Robinson writes:
> [??? writes:]
> > [Daniel Quinlan writes:]
> > > Please do not create hard links in the manual page directories; use
> > > symbolic links instead.
> > > 
> > > [ I had this completely backwards; I meant the other way around.
> > > Sorry. :) ]
> > 
> > Why???? The only real benefit of symbolic links is that they can be used 
> > between files on different file systems. Will the really be any systems 
> > with files in the same directory on different file systems? So-called 
> > hard links can be smaller and quicker, and they *never* point off into 
> > empty file space, so why not use them?
> I would think that with the change it reads:
> Please do not create symbolic links in the manual page directories;
> use hard links instead. 

I beg to differ.  What you have written is what was in the original
guidelines; also, the rest of the un-[bracketed] text in Dan's message
is replacement text rather than old text.

I'll leave Daniel to argue the merits of the change (which I agree
with, given my interpretation).


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