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Re: Changes to source guidelines

Ian Murdock writes:

> * [Hard vs. symbolic links in the manual page directories...]
> Please do not create hard links in the manual page directories; use
> symbolic links instead.
> [ I had this completely backwards; I meant the other way around.
> Sorry. :) ]

I'll add that it is also *acceptable* to use a short file with a ".so"
request within the first three lines, preferably the first.  sman can
handle this without wasting space in /var/catman, thankfully.  :-)

That means, if your package uses the (very) short file with a .so
request approach, don't bother changing it, but if it uses links the
leave it.

> * Make a context diff against the original package:
>    # diff --context --recursive -P foo-1.0.orig/ foo-1.0/
>                                 ^^
> [ This is to ensure that new files, such as `README.debian', will be
> included in the context diff. ]

Beware that it might also have the tendency to add in other files as
well.  Please check over your diffs carefully to make certain that no
extra gunk is included.


Daniel Quinlan  <quinlan@spectrum.cs.bucknell.edu>

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