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Changes to source guidelines

Here are a few changes that have been made to the source guidelines
posted last Friday.  I just post the changes; if you want the new
document, then please ftp to tempest.ecn.purdue.edu to get it.  I
would highly recommend doing that.

BTW, please feel free to start from the original source package
instead of using the ones available in the `working' directory.  Some
of those packages have been resident on my machine for quite a long
time (i.e., long before the source guidelines were created), and it
may be easier to ``start from scratch'' rather than trying to figure
out exactly what I did to it.

Ian Murdock <imurdock@gnu.ai.mit.edu>

Changes in the source guidelines posted last Friday:

* Library files should generally be installed as mode 644 and owner
root.root; however, if the package requires different permissions or
ownerships to function correctly, then they should obviously be used

[ A little more specific in this area. ]


* Manual pages should be mode 644 and owned by root.root.  The nroff
                              ^^^              ^^^^^^^^^
source must be installed.  There is no need to install a pre-formatted
cat page.

[ This should make it easier to create the proper install targets.
  The old requirements weren't really necessary. ]

* Info documents should be mode 644 and `gzipped' when installed.

* Any other documentation that comes with the package should be
installed at the discretion of the package maintainer.  Text
documentation should be mode 644, `gzipped' and installed to /usr/doc.
If a subdirectory of /usr/doc is warranted, then please feel free to
create one.  Please do not install large text or PostScript
documentation to /usr/doc; however, please do upload such
documentation _separately_ so that it can be made available via FTP
with the distribution in a `doc' directory.  If a user has the need
for the documentation they can easily get it from there.

[ Ditto. ]


* [Hard vs. symbolic links in the manual page directories...]

Please do not create hard links in the manual page directories; use
symbolic links instead.

[ I had this completely backwards; I meant the other way around.
Sorry. :) ]


* [Makefile variables...]

It is up to the package maintainer to decide what compilation options
are best for the package.  Certain binaries (such as computational-
intensive programs) may function better with certain flags; feel free
to use them.  Please use good judgment here.  Don't add flags for the
sake of adding flags; only add flags if there is good reason to do so.


* [Making an archive of the source package...]

NOTE: Do not use the `z' option to `tar'!  This will not result in
optimal compression!  Instead, do this:

   # tar cvf foo-1.2.3.tar foo-1.2.3
   # gzip -9 foo-1.2.3.tar

* Make a context diff against the original package:

   # diff --context --recursive -P foo-1.0.orig/ foo-1.0/

[ This is to ensure that new files, such as `README.debian', will be
included in the context diff. ]


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