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Re: groff inquiry

On Mon, 4 Apr 1994, Matt Welsh wrote:

> quinlan@spectrum.cs.bucknell.edu (Daniel Quinlan) writes:
> > I think including these links is a *bad* idea for a number of reasons:
> > 
> >  .  Programs are not equivalent and, in some cases, behave radically
> >     different, from non-GNU troff packages.
> Some programs just look for "troff" and don't care what they find. 
> If you have any instances of this, consider using links, but otherwise
> don't include them.
Groff has a -C flag for compatibility for nroff - it stops it complaining 
about various things. Rather than a link, you'll need a small shell script
for nroff:

#! /bin/sh
groff -C $*

I don't know about the other formatters, but I would guess that the same 
arguments apply.

I favour having something there that will work most of the time rather than 
nothing - which will work none of the time, of course.

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