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HDB style locks (was "kermit")

> > 1) The lock files, while in the correct place, are not of the correct
> >    format.  The pid is stored in binary format, while the fsstnd 1.0
> >    requires that the lock file format be "HDB style ... locking process ID
> >    in ASCII, padded with leading zeroes to ten characters, followed by a
> >    newline."  A small patch to ckutio.c was required to force the leading
> >    zeroes.  Does anyone sure that HDB UUCP *requires* the leading 0's?

Okay, thanks to Dan for researching the HDB format.  I half-suspected that
kermit wasn't wrong on that issue.  So, in regards to my recent patch to
C-kermit 189, simply remove the patch to ckutio.c at the end.  The Makefile
patch still stands.
> device name has upper case letters.  System V Release 4 UUCP forms the
> lock file name using the major and minor device numbers rather than
> the device name (this is pretty sensible if you think about it).
> FSSTND decided against the SCO and SVR4 implementations for various
> reasons.

That's a shame.  It is a VERY sensible format, and the benefits are
probably worth the porting effort.  Hopefully Debian will one day be
available in a *BSD-style /usr/src tree, so large-scale changes like this
would be less painful.  On the other hand, there's still a lot of pain,
especially for the non-"professional" porter.

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