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Re: Perl and other issues

On Feb 28, 1994 Ian A Murdock wrote:
>    /sbin/arp /bin/hostname /bin/domainname /sbin/ifconfig /bin/netstat
>    /sbin/route /sbin/slattach from net-0.32 - greater functionality
>    and domainname
> In (except for hostname... should I be using this one instead of the
> util-linux hostname/domainname pair?  At present 0.92 has done away
> with /etc/HOSTNAME entirely.)

I installed the net-0.32 utils on my system (0.99.15f) last night.
the netstat that comes with it doesn't work right, netstat -r is
broken.  I ended up ripping out the "print routes" code that was there
and using the function out of route.c that did the same thing.

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