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Re: twm

Ian Murduck wrote:
>Was my removal of twm from Debian a bad idea?  Should I perhaps
>re-include it in 0.92?

Yes, it was a very bad idea, I'm afraid.  I should be put back.

>(For those of you who don't know, I removed twm in favor of fvwm.  I
>still want to use fvwm as the default window manager, but twm could
>still be included for those X users who expect it...)

twm is the "standard" X window manager and should be included.  If you
don't you'll get zillions of people sayin "omigod, what a broken
distribution - look, it doesn't even have twm!".

Removing one application in favour of another different application
preferred by a different set of people or in different situations is
in general a bad idea.

What if you were to remove vi in favour of joe ?!  less in favour of
more ?!  Emacs in favour of vi ?!!  That way lies madness, and
gigantic flamewars ...

You should not try to be the arbiter of which one of a number of
different pieces of software is `best', unless of course one (or both)
of the programs is broken - of course there shouldn't be any broken
software in Debian.


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