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Debian 0.91 fsstnd and documentation

   Date: Thu, 17 Feb 94 04:06 PST
   From: Raul Deluth Miller <rockwell@nova.umd.edu>

   Debian 0.91 documentation (e.g. the Xconfig man page) documents files
   differently from what's really there.  Perhaps we need to do some
   global edits on all man pages.

Yes.  This is something that is very important.  I'm thinking about
biting the bullet and going through them all tonight.  It won't be
difficult, just exceedingly boring.  Besides, I'm nearly done with the
complete source tree, and editing the man page _before_ `make install'
will ensure consistency in the future.

Speaking of the source tree, do you think there will be a revolt if I
re-release the entire binary set?  I want to upload the sources this
time around, and I want to be able to say that the sources compiled
the binaries.  I know that there has been an excessive amount of re-
releases as of late, but hell, this _is_ still BETA software. :)


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