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Debian 0.91 fsstnd and documentation

Debian 0.91 documentation (e.g. the Xconfig man page) documents files
differently from what's really there.  Perhaps we need to do some
global edits on all man pages.

[Also, what's the point on having .5x as a man page suffix?  The
README refered to a manual page in section (4/5) of the manual, and of
course neither man 4 nor man 5 found anything -- I had to go in with
find to find the manual page.]

Finally, and more generally, I'm still confused by the X
documentation.  I've installed X enough times I know what to do for my
machine, I just have trouble understanding why the documentation
repeats some things so many times while leaving the reader so much
work to figure out the hard parts.  [No, I'm not volunteering -- I'm
stripping X back off of my machine because it uses too many resources
for my configuration.  This will also let me test switching from
emacsyes to emacsno.]

Raul D. Miller

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