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LA developers (was: Re: Bits from the DPL: DSA and a few other things)

El día 03/11/2007 a 13:36 Sam Hocevar escribió...


>    Fortunately I was able to discuss it with members of the local
> communities. My goal is to understand why such a large Spanish-speaking
> area has so few Debian developers, and what we can do about that. One of
> my observations was that two very important documents (the Debian Policy[6]
> and the Debian Developer's Reference[7]) were not translated into Spanish,
> while for instance there is a French translation of the latter. Any
> volunteers?

There are a couple of things to discuss there. The first one, I'm
afraid is a cultural issue. We've noted this while trying to raise
interest on contributing[0], and I have the feeling the same occurs in
our side of the world for what I've seen.

0- http://www.debianperu.org/involucrate+

Most people still "sees" participating this difficult, due perception
they have from us and also pre-conditioned mindstate in general. Our
website is an example of unfriendliness for new comers, at least for
this part of the world.
People interested in free software in south america doesn't come with
the same background as in other parts of the world, so there's a
technical (to contribute at some level) and cultural limitation which
also tends to create a lot of tiny groups which doesn't normally
organize together (i.e. our failed recent mini-debconf in Panama, and
our recurring discussion: "I want to have a es_CC translation since
es_ES uses "$word"...).
Probably a antrophologist would explain this a lot better than me.

The other one are the documments, which we've discussed in the
l10n-spanish list, and our general consensus was to not translate
them, since they change frequently than it's difficult to keep them up
to date. And since the Debian's main language is English they
are expected at least to read well, since they'll interact in
English. I'm not sure if this is a blocker, but it could be. 
I'm the opinion that we should translate just to have them as reference.

Probably this was discussed briefly in the LA meeting back in past
debconf at Mexico. We need to talk more about this in Argentina next


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