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Re: [Martin Michlmayr] Re: Speaker needed for event in Southtyrol in November

Lì mercoledì, 2004/11/17 alle 20:30, +0100, Carlo Contavalli ha scritto:
> On Wed, Nov 17, 2004 at 06:09:25PM +0100, Marco Presi wrote:
> > fog et al., Patrick is organizing a conference in Southtyrol and they
> > were wondering if we have any Italian flyers about Debian.  Md thought
> > we might have some and told me to contact you.  Do you know if we have
> > any?  Who has them?  
> I do have some of them (those that were never used). However, I don't 
> know who has the leftovers from previous events.

I have all flayers left at webbit.

> > And can we send some to that event?  (I've no
> > idea who paid for the Italian flyers but if you need money from Debian
> > for them please let me know.)
> I'm looking for someone able to get there. I'd like myself to take 
> part to the event, but on the 27 I'll be busy with the local linux day
> and don't know if it would be worth for me to get there just for the 26th.
> Anyway, if I can find noone going there, I will send them via ordinary
> mail. Who can I mail them to? Is there anyone attending the event passing
> by milan (central station)?

Please tell me the address to send them to.


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