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[Martin Michlmayr] Re: Speaker needed for event in Southtyrol in November


        se non sbaglio Carlo e Giuseppe dovrebbero avere dei pieghevoli
        avanzati dalle ultime iniziative. 

        Possiamo farli arrivare a Bolzano?

        C'è qualcuno che può andare a fare un talk?

        Ciao Ciao


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* Patrick Ohnewein <patrick.ohnewein@lugbz.org> [2004-11-17 12:56]:
> Italienisch:
> http://member.lugbz.org/wiki/SFSCon2004ComunicatiStampa
> der Veranstaltungsseite http://www.SFScon.it

fog et al., Patrick is organizing a conference in Southtyrol and they
were wondering if we have any Italian flyers about Debian.  Md thought
we might have some and told me to contact you.  Do you know if we have
any?  Who has them?  And can we send some to that event?  (I've no
idea who paid for the Italian flyers but if you need money from Debian
for them please let me know.)
Martin Michlmayr

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"I videogiochi non influenzano i bambini. Voglio dire, se Pac-Man avesse
influenzato la nostra generazione, staremmo tutti saltando in sale
scure, masticando pillole magiche e ascoltando musica elettronica

"Videogames do not influence kids. I mean, if Pac-Man influenced our
generation, we were all jumping in dark rooms, chomping pills and
listening to electronic repeating music."

Kristian Wilson, Nintendo Inc. 1989

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