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Re: [Martin Michlmayr] Re: Speaker needed for event in Southtyrol in November

On Wed, Nov 17, 2004 at 06:09:25PM +0100, Marco Presi wrote:
> fog et al., Patrick is organizing a conference in Southtyrol and they
> were wondering if we have any Italian flyers about Debian.  Md thought
> we might have some and told me to contact you.  Do you know if we have
> any?  Who has them?  
I do have some of them (those that were never used). However, I don't 
know who has the leftovers from previous events.

> And can we send some to that event?  (I've no
> idea who paid for the Italian flyers but if you need money from Debian
> for them please let me know.)
I'm looking for someone able to get there. I'd like myself to take 
part to the event, but on the 27 I'll be busy with the local linux day
and don't know if it would be worth for me to get there just for the 26th.

Anyway, if I can find noone going there, I will send them via ordinary
mail. Who can I mail them to? Is there anyone attending the event passing
by milan (central station)?


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